Who Are We

We originally started out as a group of parents of high ability kids whose program was being eliminated by the school corporation. We lost the battle to change that.

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After much reading, interviewing, investigating and educating ourselves we have become aware that the elimination of this program was just a symptom of some of the bigger problems within our educational system.

We are now a group of parents who want to be in the vanguard of an education revolution! For ALL students, not just the High Ability ones we started out defending.

We Believe

  • All students should be recognized as being able to excel and given the support and tools to do it!
  • All students should be celebrated for the individual they are and what they can offer.
  • Education should not just be “training” .
  • In today's educational thinking, if a student can pass a standardized test, they are doing “good enough”. We DON'T BELIEVE in “good enough”.
  • A love of learning should be one of the PRIMARY things fostered in our educational system because it is one of the foundations for a happy and successful life

How to Help

There are lots of ways you can help. To learn more about education of HA/GT kids, follow the links to the articles.

In the "MAIL CAMPAIGN" link, we are providing contact information for you to contact government officials. Please contact your government officials to be sure your voice is heard. We are trying to keep our efforts in a professional climate so please be respectful to others no matter how they feel about this issue.

There is a link to a word document that was sent by one of us to the editor of the paper. Please use the verbiage in this document as a guideline for any correspondence you may pursue on behalf of the academy.

You can visit the forum pages to add to or start a discussion

There is also a copy of a petition that is circulating as well.

Thanks for any support and God Bless.

Latest Updates...


New Video Documenting SOAR CLICK HERE!


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